Ideas generated from
open perspectives


Electrical Engineer / Watanabe N

What kind of team do you work in?

Our team has a wide range of people from young to experienced, so I think we have a good balance between the speed of young members and the calm and optimal decision making of experienced members. I think we have an open relationship where we can talk flatly from a technical point of view.

Do you think TechMagic can change the food industry?

I think we can change the food industry. I think there are many challenges in developing cooking robots, but I feel there is a market demand for them, and I hope we can create robots that will change the way ordinary consumers look at the food industry.

What kind of person do you want to work with?

I would like to work with people who have the ability to implement their own ideas to the maximum extent.
I believe that robots that perform automatic cooking require a lot of technology that doesn’t exist in the world.
In order to realize them, I think it is important to go out and get information by yourself, share your ideas and try them out.
TechMagic has an environment where you can actively challenge your ideas.

Please give a message to your new colleagues.

Please try to be interested in not only your own area but also other members’ technologies.
I think that when developing a product, knowing the technologies that make up the product will help you understand the necessary technologies from a bird’s eye view.
By all means, take an interest in your surroundings and challenge new technologies while gathering information on your own.



Electrical Engineer


“TechMagic develops various types of robots that highly integrate both hardware and software technologies in order to solve manpower shortages and low-productivity cost structures faced by many companies in the food industry, and to provide people with food surprises and excitement through the creation of new food experiences.

1. to solve manpower shortage and improve high-cost structure

The food industry is facing a labor shortage due to social structural factors such as a declining population caused by a declining birthrate. Compared to other industries, the food industry has a high vacancy and turnover rate, and it is not uncommon for workers to be overworked. TechMagic contributes to solving these issues by automating a series of cooking processes and simple tasks with robots, stabilizing taste quality through data visualization, and optimizing purchasing and inventory.

2. creation of new dining experiences

As food-related needs continue to diversify, such as diversifying tastes, dietary restrictions due to lifestyle-related diseases, and food allergies, TechMagic’s robots can accumulate a vast amount of cooking information, ingredients related to orders, customer information, and other information to create personalized dining experiences for each and every customer. TechMagic will create food services that provide new value, such as personalized dining experiences tailored to each individual.

Currently, we are developing products specialized for major restaurant chains, food production, and processing manufacturers, but we plan to expand our business to the global food service industry through the development of versatile products. We are looking forward to working with you to create the next generation of the food service industry by digitally transforming the food service industry, which has never changed, and reforming the long-standing issues of labor shortages and cost structure.”

Specific Job Description

The following duties will be performed by the Cooking Robot.


  • Electrical drawing creation
  • Wiring processing
  • Creation and debugging of control programs

Application Qualifications

Required (MUST)

  • Experience in VB, VC, microcomputer embedded software development
  • Ability to perform assembly such as wiring processing of electrical circuit boards (3 or more years of work experience)
  • Experience in design development, production engineering, etc. in industrial manufacturing equipment


  • Be able to design electrical components of equipment and create circuit drawings.
  • Ability to create control programs using Mitsubishi PLCs, etc. and verify them on actual equipment (at least 3 years of working experience)
  • Experience in production line start-up and equipment maintenance
  • Experience in driving equipment such as industrial robot arms and motors, and experience in food processing machinery and equipment
  • A person who is willing to take on challenges and find it rewarding to be involved in manufacturing.

Working Conditions

Basic conditions

Full social insurance (employment, workers’ accident compensation, health, and employee pension)/Periodic health check/ Transportation expenses paid (upper limit of 50,000 yen per month, excluding express fare) Trial period : 3 months (no change in treatment during the period)


Specific amount will be decided after interview depending on experience and ability.

Working style

Discretionary work system for specialized work

Various systems

Qualification acquisition support system/book purchase system/shortened working hour system

Holidays and vacation time: Annual holidays

2 days off per week (Saturday and Sunday) / National holidays / Summer vacation / Year-end and New Year vacation / Paid vacation: 10 days (paid from the 6th month of employment)
Celebration or condolence leave / maternity leave / childcare leave / nursing care leave / child nursing leave / menstrual leave


Clothes work / Work from home (negotiable)

Work Location

Tokyo Head Office or Aichi Development Center


Development Division