Next Generation
Restaurant Operation

Seasoning supply and
Stir-fry cooking are automated.

While automatically
adjusting seasonings,

Approximately 30 mealsper hour
at $6.66 per hour.

Reproduce the taste and
work of skilled chefs



Reproduce the taste and work of skilled chefs in a database.

The high heat IH and the rotation control of the frying pan and spatula reproduce the cooking techniques of an expert chef.
This frees the user from the task of shaking the frying pan, making it possible for anyone to stir-fry cook with ease.

Expansion unit enables
Enables automatic weighing and feeding of seasonings.

Adding a unit that can adjust seasoning at will with an automatic metering supply of seasonings will not only eliminate variations in seasoning, but will also enable personalized dishes to be served according to individual tastes and health conditions.

Washing pan

Automatic frying pan cleaning function.
Freeing you from low value-added cleaning tasks.

I-Robo can also be used to create a variety of stir-fry cooking

For example, fried rice, claypot, fried noodles, shrimp chili, Chinese fried tomato and egg, lebanilla, etc.


Creating dining experiences that go beyond the skills of artisan chefs, made possible by cooking robots.

At Osaka Ohsho, we embrace the vision of “a place filled with smiles, vibrant energy, and community building.” We aim to create a restaurant environment where we can grow together with our customers as a locally rooted community.
We strive to resolve various management challenges surrounding the current restaurant industry and provide even more exciting dining experiences. It was during our pursuit of turning this vision into reality that we encountered TechMagic.
Our goal is not only to replicate the skills of artisan chefs through cooking robots but also to go beyond and create dining experiences that can only be achieved with the capabilities of these robots.
We look forward to continuously proposing new values in the restaurant industry alongside TechMagic.

Takeshi Uetsuki, President and Representative Director, Osaka Ohsho Co.


IH 2 unit version

External dimensions (mm)W×D×H *
Power source
Three-phase 200V
Power consumption (kVA)
Product weight

IH 1 unit version

External dimensions (mm)W×D×H *
Power source
Three-phase 200V
Power consumption (kVA)
Product weight

*Excludes seasoning dispensers. The depth in parentheses includes the maintenance space.