Food Factory

By automating food packaging of delicate side dishes

Achieving precise weight accuracy with state of the art robotics technology

To elimate labor shortage in food factory


Uniquely developed gripper for food products

The robot grabs a fixed amount of prepared food in a food container with a gripper and places it on a product tray above a scale.
The part of the robot that corresponds to the hand uses a proprietary food gripper, which is designed to grab precise amounts of various foodstuffs.

Intelligent picking control by image sensors

The robot is controlled to acquire the shape of the food in the container using a 3-D distance image sensor and estimate the weight acquired at the picking position of the food as it approaches the target weight.

Automatic serving with high weight accuracy

In order for a prepared dish to be sold as a product, the error between the served weight and the target weight must be within a certain range.
In our experiments, 99% of the samples weighed within the range of the Weighing Law* and the potato salad could be served automatically with high weight accuracy.

* Example: If the target weight is 115g, the Measurement Law requires that the upper limit be 126.5g (+10%) and the lower limit be 110.4g (-4%).

And, M-Robo can be used to develop a variety of prepared foods

Serve prepared foods that are highly adhesive, whether solid or irregularly shaped.
For example, macaroni salad, hijiki stew, kinpira gobo, hamburger steak, fried chicken, grilled fish, etc.


The Kewpie Group aims to contribute to the creation of a prosperous society through products tailored to the food culture of each region of Japan.

We share TechMagic's vision and believe that it is necessary to address the social issue of labor shortages in food factories, and we are now working together to develop M-Robo.
We hope to deliver safer, more secure, and tastier products than ever before through collaboration between humans and robots, and we will work together with TechMagic's "advanced technology" and diverse engineers to solve this difficult problem from a front-line perspective.