W-Robo W-Robo as finibo

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Task Automation

By automating the sorting and storing process of dishes

Reducing workload and costs

Improving productivity and efficiency

W-Robo W-Robo as finibo


processing capacity

Our unique robot intelligence control technology automates the sorting of tableware at a maximum of 600 pieces per hour.

Recognition technology
that makes the robot intelligent

By utilizing machine learning image recognition
By utilizing machine learning image recognition, the robot can sort dishes of various shapes and colors without the need for recognition markers on the dishes.
By allowing the robot to learn the tableware, it can handle more types of tableware and replace them.

Layout flexibility

Robots are installed in a layout that can be introduced in the washing area.
Allows humans and robots to safely share tasks.

Operability that anyone can use

On-site operators can easily
Design specifications that allow the robot to be operated from startup to shutdown.


The manpower-saving and finibo solution for cleaning sites that everyone knew about but no one had been able to get to.

Every day we receive inquiries about problems in the kitchen, and the most common were from people working at sites with conveyor washing machines.
They were forced to stand for long hours in the hot and humid environment, making it difficult to attract workers and affecting the continuation of the business.
TechMagic worked with them to overcome these difficulties.
The finibo not only saves labor by automatically sorting dishes, but it is also expected to contribute to an environment where further hygiene control is required due to the Corona disaster.
Now that finibo has begun operating in actual kitchens, it will solve the problems of even more customers.

Fujimak Corporation
President and Representative Director Koji Kumagai
W-Robo W-Robo as finibo


2 unit version

External dimensions (mm)W x D x H
Power source
Three-phase 200 V
Power consumption
Product mass
Approx. 1000kg(including ancillary equipment)

1 unit version

External dimensions (mm)W x D x H
2000×2000×2000 (including safety fence and ancillary equipment)
Power source
Three-phase 200 V
Power consumption
Product weight
Approx. 750kg(including ancillary equipment)
Robot dimensions: 800×835×2000