Next Generation
Restaurant Operation

By fully automating the cooking process

Overcoming labor shortages in the food industry

Outperforming human operation speed

Recreating the taste and flavour of expert chefs


Beginning with Tokyo Station, Marunouchi Building*, restaurants have begun to introduce the cooking robot

Ebino Spaghetti

Ebino Spaghetti (opening in Marunouchi Building, Tokyo in summer 2022)
Ebino Spaghetti" is a spaghetti restaurant where you can enjoy just a meal or just drinks.
Equipped with the world's first automatic pasta cooking robot, it cooks the original sauce, ingredients, and spaghetti at more than twice the temperature of conventional pasta, intertwining and finishing the sauce, ingredients, and spaghetti all at once, maintaining its signature "al dente" texture, and serving one hot spaghetti meal every approximately 45 seconds with the original flavor of the ingredients.



IH, the science of

A combination of high power and rotation allows rapid (30s) stirring and heating while mixing air.
Adjustable rotation speed, heating time, etc to emulate the skills of an expert chef.

Arm robot that moves 6 meters per meal maximizes productivity.

Flexible robotic arms ensures TP (throughput, number of meals per hour) is achieved.
The distance traveled per meal is 6 meters while the arm rotation is 420°.

UIUX for ease of use

An intuitive and user-friendly UI allowing seamless adding and modyfying of recipe (cooking conditions) without the need for specialized knowledge.

P-Robo can also be used to create a variety of dishes

For example, cream pasta, penne, colza soba, fried rice, claypot meat, etc.


We use it when we are busy but want to have a good and tasty meal.

The service is comparable to other restaurants.
The time from when I order to when my meal is served is much faster, and I use it more often during my busy work schedule.
I'm glad to know that they can meet my needs for a good, tasty meal even when I'm busy!

By automating the time previously spent on cooking, we are able to use it for other tasks and optimize the kitchen.

The cooking process has been automated and the time it takes to serve our customers has been greatly reduced.
As a result, we feel we are able to use the time that used to be spent cooking for our customers.
I now have more time to think about how to improve the customer experience and customer satisfaction.
We hope to continue to increase the satisfaction of our customers who visit our restaurants.

Ebino Spaghetti
Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building, Tokyo, Japan

We are aiming to establish a new business model with P-Robo by opening in the Marunouchi Building in Tokyo.

When developing P-Robo, the most important thing we focused on was "deliciousness.
Because we reproduced expert cooking techniques in pursuit of deliciousness, we were able to create a restaurant that is loved not only for the novelty of the robot, but also for the desire to "eat again! We are able to create a restaurant that is loved by customers who want to eat there again.
We also hope to help solve social issues such as labor shortages, overwork, and human resource development problems in the restaurant industry.
In June 2022, we will open the first "Ebino Spaghetti" restaurant, a new business model introducing P-Robo, in the Marunouchi Building in Tokyo, aiming to establish a new business model together with P-Robo.

Pronto Corporation
Managing Director and General Manager of Incubation Company
Mr. Kazuhiro Sugiyama


External dimensions (mm)W x D x H
Power source
Three-phase 200 V
Power consumption
Product weight
1000kg (without food)